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Nestled on the coast of Scions Sound near the quad-capital city of Thronehold, Tranath is a bustling port which controls the trade of the whole of Thronehold.

Tranath is technically within the border of Karrnath, but given to proximity to Thrane, the two cultures have intertwined to the point where nationalistic pride is only used as an excuse for violence. The city is equally populated by both Thranians and Karrnathians, with a few small minorities representing the other nations.

Whomever controls the city has a huge amount of power over Thronehold and therefor the whole of Khorvaire. But with power comes competition and given the already divisive history of Thrane and Karrnath, covert violence between the two nations is commonplace.

Publicly Thrane and Karrnath are strong allies, however anyone who has spent more than a day in Tranath knows that if you wear national colors in certain neighborhoods, you are asking for trouble.

Religion is also a big issue in Tranath, with the members of the Silver Flame and the followers of the Blood of Vol acting out their ancient blood feud and contributing to the unrest.

But since open political and religious unrest is bad for business, covert fighting and silent assassinations are the norm of violence. If you are willing to do anything and do it well, quite a life could be made in Tranath, but if you don’t cover your trail, you’ll join the countless other bodies at the bottom of Scions Sound.

Tranath’s proximity to Trino is a bonus to it’s trade revenue, since magical items prices are always low when you have a whole city of wizards just a little north. But this proximity has also led the members of the noble houses to carry anti-magic devices for thwarting assassination attempts.

The Tranathian police force is constantly bogged down with red tape, since each nation’s neighborhood has their own set of laws and political immunity. This also makes avoiding the police as easy as getting from one neighborhood to another, but if you have enemies in either nation the police are usually a safer choice. The noble houses of Tranath are located as follows:


House Diani: Southern Barracks

House Kilfor: Western Armory

House Bilker:

House Desler:


House Kaius: Eastern Docks

House Bessel: Northern Slums

House Lhaz:

House Deneith:



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