Arøn Tallfellow

"Everybody plays each other. That's all anybody ever does. We play parts. "


He has remarkably short stature, even for a halfling, and is very sensitive about it. If one mentions it as though it is a disadvantage, he will most definitely at least harbor a grudge against that person, most likely waiting for them to be asleep before ruining them.

His eyes are a sharp piercing blue color, almost as though they were made of sapphires. This, besides his systematic deception, is the attribute that adds the most to his charisma.

His black straight-wavy hair provides stark contrast to his eyes, and he usually leaves himself with a small layer of stubble on his chin, to prevent from looking feminine (this “accident” happened once, survivors don’t recommend it).

He doesn’t think of himself as evil, he is just trying to get by. Nothing is wrong with wanting to survive. He feels that it is his place in life. If he wasn’t supposed to kill people or deceive them in order to life, why else would the gods arrange it so?

Male Halfling Warlock 1

Strength 08 (-1) - Age 24
Dexterity 18 (+4) - Alignment Chaotic Evil
Constitution 08 (-1) - Size Small
Intelligence 11 (+0) - Height 2’ 10”
Wisdom 08 (-1) - Weight 31 lb.
Charisma 17 (+3) - Speed 20 ft.
Total Hit Points 11
Armor Class 18 = 10 +4 [dexterity] +1 [small] +4 [Chain Shirt] -1 [aggressive]
Touch AC 14
Flat-Footed AC 12
Initiative +10 = +4 [dexterity] +2 [aggressive] +4 [improved initiative]
Fort Save +1 = 1 [base] -1 [consitution] +1 [halfling]
Reflex Save +6 = 1 [base] +4 [dexterity] +1 [halfling]
Will Save +3 = 3 [base] -1 [wisdom] +1 [halfling]
Base Attack +2
Spell Resist 0
Damage Reduction 1/cold iron

Note: +2 morale bonus on saves vs. fear [halfling]

Weapons & Attacks:

  • Eldritch Blast lvl2
    • Ranged Touch Attack: +6 = +2 [base] +4 [dexterity] (+1 if within 30 ft.)
    • Damage: 2d6 (2st level) (+1 if within 30ft.)
    • Increases in damage at higher levels.
    • 60 ft Range.


  • Mithral Chain Shirt
    • Light Armor
    • +4 AC
    • Max Dex +6
    • 0 Armor Check Penalty
    • 10 lb
    • 10% Arcane Spell Failure

Note: Warlocks can cast spells in light armor without arcane spell failure check. This is because the somatic components for invocations are relatively simple.


Light 20 lb. or less
Medium 20-40 lb.
Heavy 41-60 lb.
Lift over head 60 lb.
Lift off ground 120 lb.
Push or drag 300 lb.

Languages Known: Common, Halfling

Mithral Chain Shirt 10 lb
Backpack 2 lb
Bedroll 1 lb
Caltrops 2 lb
Common Lamp 1 lb
Rations (1 day) x4 1 lb
Potion of Cure Lt Wounds
Fine Wire

Total Weight: 17 lbs (Light Load)

Remaining Wealth: 2314gp 0sp 0cp


  • Point Blank Shot
    • +1 on ranged attack/dmg within 30 ft.
  • Rapid Shot
    • Can take a full action to attack twice at -2 on each attack.
  • Precise Shot
    • You can fire ranged attacks into a melee without taking a -4 penalty.
  • Improved Initiative
    • +4 on initiative


  • Inattentive
    • -4 on spot and listen.
  • Noncombatant
    • -2 on Melee attack rolls.


  • Aggressive
    • +2 Initiative, -1 AC.


Skill Name Abil. Skill Mod Abil. Mod Ranks Misc Mod
Appraise Int +0 +0
Balance Dex +4 +4
Bluff Cha +5 +3 +2
Climb Str +1 -1 +2 [halfling]
Concentration Con +0 -1 +1
Diplomacy Cha +9 +3
Disguise Cha +7 +3
Escape Artist Dex +4 +4
Forgery Int +0 +0
Gather Info. Cha +3 +3
Heal Wis -1 -1
Hide Dex +8 +4 +4 [small]
Intimidate Cha +3 +3
Jump Str +1 -1 +2 [halfling]
Know.(arcana) Int +6 +0 +6
Listen Wis -3 -1 +2 [halfling] -4 [inattentive]
Move Silently Dex +6 +4 +2 [halfling]
Ride Dex +4 +4
Search Int +0 +0
Sense Motive Wis -1 -1
Spot Wis -5 -1 -4 [inattentive]
Survival Wis -1 -1
Swim Str -1 -1
Use Magic Dev Cha +6 +3 +3
Use Rope Dex +4 +4

Invocations Known (1):

  • Baleful Utterance
    • Utter a syllable of Dark Speech, which affects an object or area as if by a Shatter spell.
      • Shatter – Evocation [Sonic]
        • 1 standard action in close range.
        • Breaks or sunders nonmagical objects (will save).
        • Objects targeted by shatter use the wielder’s will save modifier.
    • If a creature is holding/wearing the target and the target is destroyed, the creature must make a Fortitude save or be dazed for 1 round and deafened for 1 minute.
    • This is a sonic effect.
*See the Unseen
  • Allows the caster to see invisible (as the spell) and gain darkvision out to 60 feet for 24 hours.

“Everybody plays each other. That’s all anybody ever does. We play parts. ” – “Saffron”, Firefly.

Arøn Tallfellow was not born and raised in a regular halfling village. A son of an illegitimate couple, he was dropped off in an orphanage, blandly named “Orphanage”, in the fringe city of Trino. He lived there until he was 10, when the orphanage was burnt down by a storm of raining flames, an unsuccessful experiment led by spell-crafers in the city. He and his only friend, Tracy (a 10 yr old half-elf), were trapped inside the burning building when it happened. Arøn pushed himself and Tracy out of the nearest window, where they fell 7 feet to the concrete ground in a dank alleyway. Tracy had suffered severe burns to his face, whereas Arøn only had severe bruising on his legs (which he currently believes in the reason he is so short). Arøn found Tracy’s “new face”, unfamiliar and ugly, so as they lay there in the alley, Arøn turned Tracy’s face against the ground and pushed on his head to “make the ugly go away”.

One of the caretakers at the orphanage soon found Arøn and Tracy laying there, as Arøn proceded to smash Tracy’s face into the ground. She told Arøn forcably to stop, but he wouldn’t, telling her that it won’t go away if you stop. She pushed Arøn over, and picked up Tracy only to find out that he stopped breathing. Angered, she picked up Arøn, who had now attempted to run away, and broke his left leg on her knee, and dropped him to the ground, saying that nobody needed another one of those in the world. She left him there, one leg broken, the other critically bruised. Arøn scrambled away from the orphanage and lived for a while in the back alleys of Trino, getting his food in others’ garbage, and sleeping in the cold.

For 3 years he lived in the alley. Sometimes when people came in the alleys, he would ask for help, but none ever listened to him. Then, he came to the realization that no one would help him because he wouldn’t help them. He figured that if he was someone who could help them when he wasn’t broken anymore, they would help him. When the next passer-by came, he asked for help, then mentioned that his relatives had gold, and he would be rewarded if he helped him. The passer-byer, by the name of Taedrick, stopped at the sound of this, for he had money troubles of late. He took Arøn and took him to his home. Arøn didn’t like the look of Taedrick’s face though. It reminded him of Tracy, and he didn’t like that at all.

Taedrick fed him and nursed him, and brought Arøn back to full ability before asking him where his family was. Arøn quickly replied that they lived in Brieny, about 35 miles east of where they were. Taedrick did not recognize it, but Arøn insisted that it was a small town, but his family had owned it. Taedrick told him that they would leave together in the morning, but Arøn had other plans. While Taedrick was sleeping, he grabbed a cleaver from the kitchen, and made sure he’d never have to look at Taedrick’s face again either.

He took all the money he could find, packed himself up with a fair amount of equipment, and headed out the door, to start his life at the age of 14. He intended to go East, and start a new life there. He didn’t know what, but it would’ve been better than anything else. Then it came across his mind that he could do what he had just done for a living. It got him a lot of money, and it was an easy game to play.

He felt that if he was going to commit himself to a life of this, that he would need to at least be a bit graced in spellcasting or combat of some kind, to protect himself. While browsing through a library filled of arcana volumes, he came across a very interesting one that he saw value in: “Invocatae, Unlocking Arcane Potential”. When he went to purchase it, the bookseller told him that it was garbage, stuff of the old ages before magic was truly understood. Arøn told him that it was part of his education to learn about old ways. The bookkeeper sighed and told him he’d give a discount just because he knew it was no good.

Arøn, on the other hand, found the book intriguing. He practiced its arts for years and months, perfecting its form, all the while living in the alleys he had been accustomed to. To get money, he practiced his art on any who entered the alleyways, and took whatever they had. At the age of 17, he felt he knew enough to begin his career, and so he began thieving. He built up a bit of a reputation in the town, and one he felt that he may be caught, he left for another town.

To be continued when Alex tells me more about how the party meets.

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Some Trino Info:

Large City, roughly 2 million inhabitants. Most of the population are half-races, most notably half-elves who have been exiled from their elven homes. There are few humans, and even they are only there to take advantage of the slum-like condition most of the city is in. The main industry in Trino is that of spell-crafting, the profession of combining known spells to create new more powerful ones, and thus the upper class is composed mostly of wizards who work here, researching and competing with one another for greatness. The most famous spell to come out of Trino is probably the infamous Raise City necromancy spell. Jobs in Trino are rather scarce, and jobs people find are usually ones they would rather they hadn’t. Some are lucky enough to own small shops and stores, but a fair number of the population turn to becoming a test subject for spell-crafting experiments.

Raise City Spell:

Originally intended to bring the targets back to life, in order to commune with them, this spell, composed of a combination of revival and animate dead spells, instead proved to raise an entire city of skeletons from their graves. This spell was used on the ancient city of Ethos, one not inhabited for years due to a mysterious sickness that plagued it. The Raise City spell had been tested here, only the caster found himself overwhelmed with undead, instead with the lost souls of of the city. Thus, this spell has been banned from usage.

Arøn Tallfellow

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