Tranath: The Spear and the Dagger

Post-2nd Session Update

After that 2nd session, just thought I’d update what changes I made (because I bought something, if its alright)

Changes from level up:

  • Rolled 4 for HP gain: gain 3 hp.
  • Ref/Fort Save +1
  • Base Attack Bonus +1
  • Gained dmg resist 1/cold iron
  • Elritch Blast leveled up (now 2d6 dmg)
  • Feat: Improved Initiatve

Purchases: (3509gp at end of adventure)

  • Mithral Shirt (1100)
  • 2 Pot cure light wounds (100)
  • Sold: Worn Leather Armor (5)
  • Current wealth: 2314 gp



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